Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holga 135bc

So 2 weeks ago, I got my Holga lomography camera. Excited, I immediately went to school and shot some pictures. Then, I took it to my local Longs to get my first roll developed. The thing was.....they seemed to think some of my artsy photos were "oops" photos. So some good ones were lost. Heres a sample of what I got:

You can find the rest at

Yeah yeah I know they're pretty crappy but hopefully my next few rolls will come out better. I got a fisheye lens and a flash coming in tho, so it should be interesting.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Why Hello There....My You've Changed

So a couple weeks have passed since I sold my old conversion to my friend, and it looks like its finally complete. Looks pretty sick to me imho. He seemed to have some problems with eBay shipping for the wheels, but they came in just fine......only to run into a lockring problem when trying to install a new cog. Luckily it was all sorted out today.

About a month back, I started to get interested in cameras. I looked around, searching online for cheap SLR's, etc. But I decided to buy a Holga. It's considered a "toy" camera becuase of its simplicity, plastic construction, and very low price. It lets you take photos like this:

I bought one for super cheap on online and it came in the other day. Im super stoked to go and shoot photos, but Ill probly screw up my first couple rolls lol. It runs 35mm film.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Goodbye and......Hello?

Because I needed money for the new bike, I sold my old conversion to a good friend. I didn't really hate to see it go or anything, but it was my first fixed bike and all. I got used to riding fixed on it, and even rode the century ride 75 miles with I feel some regret.

On the bright side, my friend is giving it an awesome transformation. Its still in progress, but when it gets built up, I'll post some pics. For now, here's a teaser

Apparently hes going for a black/neon green scheme. I'm excited for it to get built up!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Bike

I got a new bike a little while back. Its a kilo tt that I bought from a friend.
He let me pay bit by bit after an initial downpayment, so I was in debt for a while. Today, I finished paying it off. Threw 350 at it for the whole thing. Good deal though, since the cranks themselves would be 2/3 that cost if they were brand new. I'm thinking of some upgrades I could do, but Im happy for now. I'm loving the track geometry. I hope to ride at least a bit (15-30mins) every day.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Today I went to Dole theaters for the premiere of Redline, a Japanese racing anime movie. I first saw the trailer for it a couple months back while I was still in Japan. At the time I was like "meh I dont like the art" so I had no intention of seeing it. It just so happened though, that the Hawaii International Film Festival is currently taking place. And whadya know, Redline was in the lineup. One of my friends apparently liked the trailer and said that he was gonna go see it, so I said to hell with the art and went to see it. My impression? EPIC. It was funny, touching, and most of all fast. Even though the whole thing was around 2hrs 30mins, it felt like a car just blew by. I definitely recommend it. If you were expecting a synopsis too bad. Im lazy lol. Go to imdb or wikipedia.

In other news, my fall break is drawing to a close. All in all its been good, but what I regret is that I never really had the time to just sleep in and wake up when I felt like it. I always had something I had to do whether it be bowling practice or meeting up with friends, etc. I dread going back to school, but I know all good things come to an end at one point or another. Life just keeps moving like a race.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So Ive finally entered fall break. Today was the first "real" day of break, so I decided to go for a ride. I rode down to alas to chill for a while. I always lock up at barnes and noble, and almost every time I go there, I see this locked up.

It used to look like this

Who is this mystery rider with a slammed seat and foot retention on only one side?

Anyway, after hitting alas, I grabbed some dinner at Ezogiku at Donquijote. Omnomnom it was good.

All in all it was a good day. Im gonna try to ride everyday this break.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Century Ride

Last week Sunday, I joined the Honolulu Century Ride. The full course is 100 miles from kapiolani park to a north shore beach and back. The catch for me though, is that I did the ride with a fixed gear bicycle, which basically means I cant change gears or coast. I did 75 miles, not being able to do 100 due to time constraints (not that I would have made it anyway). Im not gonna lie and act all cool about it. It was hard. Like making me whine like a little girl all the way home hard. But at the very least, I made it. I can honestly say that I have never in my life pushed myself that hard. Through I struggled, it was good fun. I rode with a more experienced friend. He supported me physically and mentally so I could make it. I would have given up at the 50 mile turnaround if he wasn't there.

I have some battle scars, as I took a little spill while passing through Hawaii Kai. Wasnt too serious, but its gonna take some time to heal.

Next year I think ill do better. I want to push for 100 miles.